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Playful rows of little twinkly squares, the black squares are 25mm long rya wool/linen pom poms, raised from the base. The grey base and white squares are natural and undyed wool. As pure as can be.

TWINKLE RUG is a high craft, handtufted rug.

Made to order custom size and in various colours by request. Production time is 5-6 weeks. Visit our studio to see samples on colours and styles.

Price per sqm: 3.750 DKK / 500 EUR

Price and size examples:

80x200 cm / 6.000 DKK

140x140 cm / 7.350 DKK

140x200 cm / 10.050 DKK

170x240 cm / 15.300 DKK

Made in Europe from high quality wool and linen